“This is some of the best, most impacting music that I’ve heard in a very long time. The songs are very powerful…
I see a lot of really good things for him in the future. Greg Felden. Remember that name.” – Nico Martini, American Highway

made of strings
coming june 14, 2019

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Because of its appearance on Showtime's "The Affair," Greg released a teaser single from his debut, full-length album, Made of Strings. “When the Change Comes” presents the end of the world as a reality we seem to increasingly live with and as a metaphor for how we respond to all that life throws at us. It features Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam) on guitar and Jerry Borger (Ziggy Marley, Jonathan Wilson) on Hammond organ.

The single “Man Like Me” had its premiere on Mother Church Pew April 8th and was officially released April 12th. Accomplished player Rich Hinman (K.D Lang, Sara Bareilles) works magic on pedal steel and Brian Wright (Aaron Lee Tasjan) plays harmonica.




Greg Felden isn’t trying to hide, and he isn’t pulling any punches. Sincerity is at the heart of his songwriting, and he allows his voice and guitar to express everything with honesty, intelligence and emotional gravity.

Showing surprising range, Made of Strings, Greg’s first full-length record, backed by entertainment company New Neighborhood, and slated for release June 14th, is heartfelt, raw, and focused on grand, essential ideas. It asks why we’re here and how we keep going - questions that became especially meaningful to Greg as the record was being made. The album is dedicated to Samantha Morris, Greg’s girlfriend, who was fighting cancer during the recording and passed away just after the record was finished.

Made of Strings was produced by Al Sgro and Will Golden, known for their work with Joe Purdy and Eric Hutchinson and features known players Rich Hinman (K.D. Lang, Sara Bareilles), Jerry Borger (Ziggy Marley, Jonathan Wilson), Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam), and Brian Wright (Aaron Lee Tasjan).

It’s a dynamic, impassioned collection of tunes that reflect the full range of Greg’s influences. Greg’s father, an autoworker and pipe-fitter, taught Greg to love country giants like Willie Nelson, while Greg’s mom, who put herself through school as a single parent to become a family law attorney, had the Simon & Garfunkel records. Both were fans of classic American folk. Greg grew up in the Pacific Northwest and developed his own love of the indie songwriters of the region. You can hear all these elements playing off of each other on the album.

Felden spent several years on the East coast. Now based in L.A., he is a staple of the Americana scene, earning respect and fans with his finely-crafted songs and captivating delivery.


“Felden’s songwriting is firmly rooted in the tradition of the great folk poets, delivered simply and truthfully while reflecting back our own pathos through his music.”
- Kat Griffin, Americana Matinee